A beautiful country Croatia and its tourism

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Eastern Europe. Lots of people come to watch the beauty of nature. There are lots of beautiful places all over the Croatia. You can easily make a plan for a holiday trip to Croatia. The beauty of this country will grab your hand and take there for the second time if you ever visited this country once. You can find lots of coast, sea beaches, monuments, architectures, etc. this country is called ‘the country of monuments. If you want to go to Croatia, then there should not be any residential problem because there are lots of apartments, which are made for tourism.

About vacation apartments of this country
There are lots of vacation apartments in Croatia. If you want to go to that place, then you have to book advance because this place is tourist spot and if you do not book the apartments of the resort, then you may not get an empty room. The kroatien fewo (croatia vacation apartments) are:
• Tudor house – it is situated is Hvar island Hvar. The beds of this apartment are 4 to 8. This apartment is situated from 200m from sea
• Antea – beds of this apartment is 2 to 10. The distance of sea is 7m.
• Villa Riva mount – this apartment situated from 5m from the sea and the no of beds are 2 to 12.
• Golic – this is another apartment of Croatia. The distance of this apartment from the sea is 400m. And no of beds are 2 to 35.
The various resorts of Croatia
There you can find various types of resorts. If you want to spend money, then you can choose a more luxurious resort, or there are lots of cheap resorts also. The Croatia vacation home or resorts are dramalj, the island of Prvic, Silva Island, etc.