How to play Capsa Banting online and other related information?

The Capsa card game was first introduced in China in 1980. From China this game started spreading to western countries other Asian countries. As card games are more attractive and popular to gamblers capsa banting online was introduced so that people from all over the world can play this game even if they have limited money. This game is popular to the youngsters of this generation since the amount of investment is very nominal yet ne gets the chance to earn huge amount.

What is the destination of the game?
The goal of the game is to be the first person to spend the entire card in your hand. The cards can be issued either in combinations or singly. Whoever drops the entire set of cards first becomes the winner. If you are not able to be the first your aim will be to keep few cards in hand as possible.
Rules of the game
Following are the rules of Capsa Banting online:
• The 2nd is the highest ranking card while 3 is the lowest ranking card.
• The sequence should be like this Spade>Heart>Club>Diamond.
• There are different card rankings such as single< 1pair, straight<flash, 2pair<triples, straight flush Benefits of betting in Capsa Banting online
• A great source of income for the youngsters without any investment.
• Helps to develop intellectual skills of the gamers.
• Earning money under your fingers.
• No registration charges required.
• Bonus on every new registration.
• Bonus on weekly basis.
• Bonus on the basis of your merit.
• If you invite friends to play Capsa Banting online referral bonus will be added to your game account in the form of cash backs.
• You can play this game in your smart phone by downloading the game for free.