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How to choose a good ranking cleaning company (ניקיון דירות)?

You were living in a rented home and now you are moving somewhere else. But before you go, you have to give back keys to your landlord once he checks it and find it in the same condition as he gives it to you. So now before you hand over him keys, you have to clean your place keenly. If you think there are stains in kitchen and bathroom, which can’t be removed, or your walls and fans are full of dirt and you can’t clean them properly then don’t waste your time and effort. The best option is to hire cleaners from cleaning company (ניקיון דירות) and let them clean your place for you.

Cleaning companies offer entire cleaning of your homes, offices, apartments including garage bathrooms and sitting areas. Once you hire them, they are responsible that there must not be a tiny dust left when they leave. Apart from ניקיון בתים (cleaning houses),they also give service of carpet cleaning and polishing. You may clean your place regularly by yourself but if your carpet is dirty and your floors are not neat then it may not give a nice clean look even if you clean it hundreds of times.

So if your rooms are carpeted or floors have lost their shine then you can also ask them to clean and polish them for you. They will do it no matter how dirty your carpet and floors are. They possess special instruments and detergents, which remove all kind of stains and make them, clean like a new one. You may find a number of companies online who tell you that they are best in cleaning apartments (חברת ניקיון) and homes and they will give you a special package once you hire them. Don’t pay any type of advance even if they say so once you actually check them and make sure that yes they are real and have a good ranking.