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Amazon category approval for sellers to ensure the proper execution of the B plan

Amazon suspension and appeal

Amazon is a famed name in the area of ecommerce. It now helps sellers to sell their product through the online forum. It helps in the sustainable growth through a genuine tie up. On the other hand, if the seller account gets suspended, then for a moment the sellers would be rendered of no wealth, and with many products left unsold. This also isn’t a case where one has to worry a lot as Amazon suspension does have a way out.

As suspensions are an act of the underlying bot, a step wise appeal process cab helps the seller reinstate the account. With a proper business plan, that is both feasible and consistent; the sellers must send a letter to the Amazon Seller Performance Team. It is from them that Amazon appeals begin.

The appeal process is complicated, and in certain cases, it can extend to even 30 working days of time. The customer service is reliable. The process is driven by heavy documentation. The letters sent to the senders are tailored for a specific purpose. They also serve as reference for future.

Being sane with categories

Sellers who wish to grow their prospectus through Amazon are supposed to get Amazon category approval. This is nothing but obtaining a formal nod from the company to sell your product under a certain category in the Amazon ecommerce website. For the same, the sellers are to categorise the products in the appropriate group before sending it for approval.

Some of the product categories include Automobile and power spots, beauty, clothing and accessories and so on. They are also expected to go through the requirements of a product to belong to one category. Care must be taken while listing the product in Everything Else category, or into some other category that seeks approval or is prohibited.