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How can mental disorders be cured?

With the increasing competition, the stress and the feeling to beat that competition is increasing very rapidly. And this increasing stress or depression is giving birth to mental disorders or mental diseases. People are suffering from many mental problems that are very difficult to be cured. There is no perfect treatment for epileptic seizure or epileptic fit but some drugs or medicines are there that can be used to cure diseases like these. These mental problems like epileptic seizure or epileptic fit or anxiety or depression are very handy. They need to be cured with proper care. Now, most of you will question that how can we cure these diseases? How can we avoid being a victim of all these diseases? So, if you too are questioning all these then this article will surely help you to get the answers to your questions. First of all, you need to consult an appropriate psychiatrist that can suggest you the best possible cure for your problem.

Mental issues are mostly related to our nervous system and they are the causes of neuropathic pain. This pain is very difficult to tolerate. One need to take anti-epileptic drugs like Lyrica Pregabalin and much more. There are some side effects of these drugs too so you must be aware of that side effects so that you can prepare yourselves or the patients well. However, there are some treatments that are also available for curing diseases like these. People often go for those treatments also. They may affect you the earliest but the side effects of those treatments can be so many.
Some specialized doctors may suggest the patients get admitted to the hospitals where they are given electric shocks and other treatments. But before that, the patients must be well aware of the extent to which they are affected. Sometimes drugs like Lyrica 75 mg can help you to the best.

Use of Truvada in HIV prevention and treatment

Truvada is the commercial name for a drug combination used to prevent or treat HIV- AIDS. While a complete cure for HIV is not yet found, antiretroviral drugs like Truvada are prescribed to control the spread of the virus in the infected person’s body.

Composition and Mechanism
The active ingredients of Truvada are emtricitabine and tenofovir. Both are nucleotide analogy reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NtRTI). They inhibit the enzyme reverse transcriptase in the virus without which the virus can’t replicate itself and spread. The no of viral cells is the blood is reduced.
In Australia, alone the no of new infections is 1200 per year.HIV is proving to be difficult to treat because the drugs used to destroy the virus kill the healthy human cells also. However, Truvada inhibits only viral multiplication while effects on human cells are very limited.
Truvada – A pre-exposure prophylactic drug (PrEP)
Prevention is better than cure that is especially true in the case of HIV. A pre exposure prophylactic drug is a medication that is taken to prevent the infection from occurring.
Truvada is FDA approved as PrEP in the US. It is sold as blue color capsules taken orally.
Who can use Truvada?
Any adult person above 35 kgs weight can use Truvada. Doctors for the following persons generally prescribe it.
• People who are at high risk of getting HIV like a couple in which one is HIV positive and other is HIV negative.
• People who use drugs from shared syringes.
• People who have sexual partners with unknown HIV status.
Contact your physician immediately in case of side effects.
Where can you get Truvada in Australia?
Truvada is not yet licensed as PrEP in Australia. Hence it cannot be obtained at rates with a subsidy. It costs about $1200 a month to purchase TruvadaAustralia. However, it can be bought on the internet in websites thatare less expensive. The only thing needed is an Australian issued prescription from your physician.