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Learn about the hookah and its uses

Hookahs are the smoking devices which are popular throughout the world, and if you are interested to know about the hookah and their uses then this article helpful for you to learn about it. There are many types of hookah available in the market it may be traditional hookah or may be a modern hookah. These hookahs generally use to taking a drag in casually. Whenever you are going to use this hookah, first of all, you have to wash it with clean water, and soft brush after that wiped it with a towel and kept it in the open air for dry.

How to use of Hookahs
• A Hookah consist a metal pipe and glass container on its base, fill the water into the vase you can also add ice these ice help your hookah to maintains its temperature.
• Now you have to insert the hookah shaft into the glass base, now you have to connect the hoses, and you are smoking alone you must have to connect all hoses. Recheck the water level, remember water level does not too near to the hoses, and then it may ruin the hoses.
• You must have to check the air flow of air. To block the air, place your hand on the top of the hookah and try to inhale air from the hoses, if you feel any air, then your hoses connection is not good or airtight.
• If hose’s seal is not properly connected, then you can replace it.

Take shisha, shisha is a packed liquid which contains tobacco. These help to make thick smoke and add flavor. When you are smoking first time with hookah, then you have to use tobacco free hookah for practices, because if you use tobacco hookahs, then your miner mistake may be harmful to your health. Tobacco-free hookah also called molasses which are generally used for beginners.