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Ice Cream Secretes

For this day, the background of ice cream remains a secret. However, several say the first ice cream is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a combination of honey, nectar, fruit pulp, and snow. Others proclaim that a 13th-century, Marco Polo, introduced ice cream from the Far-East to Europe. However, regardless of where it originated from, today’s typical American consumes 23.2 quarts of ice cream per year, with the first icecream parlor opening.

So, which countries like ice cream the most? Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and the United States are leading the list. The preferred taste is the traditional vanilla, chocolate, chocolate-chip, Neapolitan, and strawberry.

How do this line up along with your own list of favorites?
The most popular topping for ice cream —- chocolate syrup. Who’d of thought 😉
Around 13% of males and 8% of females will admit to licking the bowl clean after eating ice cream.
Biggest ice cream sundae – 12-ft tall! This one was created in 1985 with 4,667 gallons of ice cream.
The typical single-scoop ice cream cone requires 50 licks to complete. Try it out using the following recipe.
Quick Strawberry Parfait:
• 1 quart of strawberry ice cream
• 1 pint of whipped cream
Mix the strawberry ice cream at serving time with the whipped cream. Serve in a glass of your selection and top with a strawberry at the top, with whipped cream. (Feel free to best your parfait with other fruits too.) You can alternatively enjoy ice-cream from ice cream ocean city nj