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What’s Amazon Firestick?

What’s Amazon Fire Stick

Alongside the increasing of Kodi popularity, you have to hear a whole lot about the Fire Stick. Thus, what will be Amazon Fire Stick really?

What’s Amazon Fire Stick TV?

Fire stick is product from Amazon for media streaming. It requires content on the web and shows them on your TV. Jailbroken firesticks includes its altered Android established operating system named FireOS, which able to operate all android apps.

Simply plug this device in your HDMI jack on your TV, this dongle will transforms your ordinary TV into clever TV with capacity to stream media content on the net.

The dimensions of Amazon Fire Stick are comparable to a USB pen drive, which really handy to use for your mounted TV on the wall. The wonderful thing is that this little device supports HD 1080 resolution.

See How to Install Kodi on FireStick TV

Fire stick from the dimensions of USB pen drive

Using Amazon Fire stick, it is possible to stream content over Wi-fi to see various channel such as Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, HBO go along with much more. This may be achieved by just plug it in your HDMI TV port.

Amazon Fire stick plugged in to TV HDMI jack

The current Amazon Fire stick includes a remote controller that supports voice recognition and assembled in Amazon’s voice helper, Alexa. With this you may control the TV with your voice, like Siri helper on the iOS.

What You Could Do with Amazon Fire Stick?

Watch streaming videos: Not just Amazon Fire stick incorporated with Amazon Immediate movies service, other material suppliers can also be available for example NBA, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and more. Fire stick supports 1080p HD resolution that’s quite exceptional capability for such little device.

Listen to music streaming and music: Music services is included too, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and so forth.
Perform games: You can perform if paid or free match on Fire stick like Candy crush saga and Minecraft
Other device mirroring: You can replicate the display of the compatible devices like Android, iOS or notebook to your TV bigger display using jailbroken firesticks. With easy installation, it is possible to connect other devices to a TV over Wifi. The content isn’t confined to internet sources; however you could also play your media files from the device’s hard disk.