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What is Canadian marijuana and what are its uses?

Marijuana is mainly referred to as a dried leaves, flowers, stem which are made from cannabis stavia. This Marijuana is also known as Canadian marijuana because this is mainly grown in Canada. When you ever hear the word marijuana, the only thinks which comes in our mind is the weed. Weed is mainly made up of the marijuana plant which is used by the people who want to be a hangover. From this marijuana plant, many drugs are also made.

The government had banned the use of marijuana plant except in Canda. But in Canada, it is only legalised for the medicinal use.
The marijuana in Canada is used to make multiple drugs which are used to cure many serious diseases. So the government of Canada had legalised the use of marijuana plant.
What are the uses of Canadian marijuana?
Firstly the Canadian marijuana is used by the main youngsters. From the marijuana plant, they used to make a weed which they fill it up in the cigarette roll to smoke to get a hangover.
• A marijuana plant is used to relieve nausea, vomiting and also used to regain its appetite.
• Marijuana plants are also used to cure the treatment of cancer.
• Marijuana plants are used to cure the pain and also relieve the pain muscles.
What are the side effects of the using Marijuana?
If the marijuana Canada is taken in overdose then it will cause many side effects, and this are:
• Drowsiness
• Talkativeness
• It will cause a bloodshot in eyes
• It will also cause a dryness in the throat, eyes and mouth
• It will also cause life-threatening diseases like cancer
• You will also lose the concentration in the memory. That means it will cause the short-term memory loss.
• It will also decrease the memory and the decrease ability to study.