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Altera corporation- Know about its products

Programmable logic devices are used in almost every electronic device. These chips are based on the metal oxide semiconductor technology to produce electrical signals. So many companies are indulged in the business of making these logic devices. Among all them, the leading maker of the programmable logic devices is the Altera Corporation.
Programmable logic device (PLD) has many advantages over the other chips. They are more efficient, require less power, has less time to market and also development time is reduced. Altera is one of the leading producers of the PLDs, and it also creates software for the integrated circuits. The company is now acquired by the Intel.

The main products of alters are-
• Stratix,
• Cyclone series FPGAs
• Quartus II design software
• MAX series CPLDs, and
• Enprion PowerSoC DC-DC power solutions
The technology that it uses is different, and they are as follows-
40-nm technology- The semiconductors manufactured using this technology address the key challenges of industry like power consumption, cost, and device performance. To enhance the performance of the device and power efficiency Altera use techniques such as 193-nm immersion lithography, strained silicon and extreme low-k dielectrics.
28-nm technology- Using this technology the company introduced the Stratix V FPGA with transceivers that operate at speed up to 28Gbit/s. The FPGAs manufactured using this technology reduce the power requirements.
14-nm technology- STRATIX 10 was built using the 14-nm technology based on the 14-nm tri-gate transistor process. The product launched in the October 2016.
Altera Corporation supplies the latest technologies, IP cores, development tools to the industries from a very long time. It provides customers the best solutions for the electronic system. The industry of electronic devices is increasing largely, and the market is full of competition.
In the highly competitive market, the Altera Corporation has come up with the innovative mindset and offered the products for the customers of end markets.