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Know the ABC of Investment with Treasury Direct

There are many investment options available in the market which guarantee a fixed income. Bank securities, private pension plans, savings and private securities are some options. Read about their terms and conditions before making an investment. Other factors which need to be considered are the rate of interest and the risks associated with them.

Various treasury securities offering an investment plan to common people
Tesouro Direto (Treasury Direct) is one such fixed income investment option. If you want to know about the securities offered here, browse through the categories mentioned below:
• Treasury Bills: They are sold at a discounted price from the face value. The maturity of treasury bills ranges from a few days to 52 weeks.
• Treasury Notes: Interest is paid on treasury notes at a duration of every six months. The maturity varies from 2,3,5,7 or 10 years.
• Certificate of deposits bonds (CDB): It is a time-deposit debt security where an investor loans his money to a financial institution at a fixed rate, for a definite period of time.
• Floating Rate Notes: Interest is paid quarterly which fluctuates with the discounted rate.

Types of saving bonds
Saving bonds are also an option of having a fixed income by means of an investment. There are two types of saving bonds:
• I saving bonds: These are low risks securities which are sold at face value.
• E Saving bonds: These are securities which pay interest at the current market rate.
Go through explanatory notes and video lectures
If you are confused about the investment method which you should be choosing, you can go through the explanatory notes provided in the site which will give you an idea about the various investment methods which are trending and which will give you the most profit. You can also browse through the videos to acquaint yourself with the concept of investment fixed income.