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Simple and natural tips for hemorrhoids cure

Hemorrhoids are the swollen, vanes or group of vanes in and around the anus. hemorrhoids cure could be done in the home with few easy techniques. For this, you need not rush to a doctor every time. You need to know just a few things for its cure.

Ease pain and itching
• Take warm Bath: Fill the bath tub with few inches, with warm water. Sit for 15-20 min a day, in it. Repeat it 3 times a day. If you want to wash that area, you can use unscented soap and do not scrub it hard, gently apply soap on it and then wash it. Pat, it lightly with a towel, or you can use dryer if you could feel good buy it.
• Rub on relief: use of itch relief cream could be suitable for it, but do not over use it. Also do not use it more than a week, unless and until your doctor approves it.
• Ice it: You can put a small ice pack on the affected area several times a day. It will bring down the swelling and dulls the pain for a while.
• Do not scratch: if you continuously starch it, then it will damage the skin even more, and it will increase the irritation, itching, and pain.
• Wear cotton: you should use cotton garments, it will help to pass the air form it and also prevent it from collecting moisture in it, which prevent it from increasing.

Good Bathroom Habits
• Be gentle: if toilet paper is irritating you don’t make use of it, use cotton balls, pew-moisture wipes, or you can use alcohol-free baby wipes.
• Do not hold in it: when you feel like going to the toilet, you must go, don’t hold it. Do not wait for better time or place, because it can raise the pressure and strain. So go, as soon as you feel the urge.
These habits could help you to get through the times of hemorrhoids and could help you in hemorrhoid cure.