Treat ED: treatments in pipeline

The growing number of natural or alternative Treat ED is being introduced in the market. There are different types of therapies like Gain Waves therapy, shockwave therapy and injection therapy. The injection therapy is one of the therapies that help in reducing the Erectile Dysfunction. This injection therapy, like the solution alprostadil which are sold under the brand names like Edex, Prostin VR and Caverjet. The medications cause the blood vessels to expand, increasing in flow of blood in the body and to the penis, thus helping the patients to get and erection. Invasive surgeries also involved in balloons and rods are also available to patients who are suffering from ED. These treatments often come with side effects, final burden and discomfort.

New treatment for ED: Topiglan treatment
The treatment for ED concentrates on providing prescription which is more effective, works rapidly effects that is presently available treatments. Presently there are three oral pills or drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction such as Cialis, Stendra, and Viagra. The different number of pharmaceutical companies is researching for the new treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. There are many options for treating ED are:
• Topiglan: this treatment is still under investigation, a cream that is applied to the penis called topiglan, and suppositories are used to treat ED. Alprostadil uses the same drug that is injected. If topiglan proves to be effective and safe, it is not clear from the patients would gaining from this application and whether patients on suppository and injection therapy would no longer use have to use this techniques.
ED band: prescribed medicines
Prescribed medicines do not help all the cases of ED. The medicines also cause the unwanted headaches, side effects, flushing or changes in vision. Most prescribed medicine from ED cannot be used if you have heat problem. When prescribed medicines are not suitable, medical devices may help ED. Surgically inserted penile implants will not demand to all the men, and some may find of vacuum pumps which is difficult to handle. In such case, ED band or Ed ring is good option.