Types of poker

The game of poker qq has recently become one of the most famous card games because of its popularity amongst celebrities, politicians and the rich. It has acquired a glamorous quotient. However, there are several types of poker qq which have been described as follows-

1. Texas Hold’em – The game of poker qq played today is generally this variation of the game. It is favoured by a majority of people. This is because it is quite simple and at the same time challenging as well. In this version, each of the player is dealt with two pockets and 5 community cards are revealed thereafter. These community cards are known by different names. First three are known as “the flop”, fourth “the turn” and the last is called “the river”. The betting takes place before the flop, the turn and the river and also after the river is revealed. The winning player is one which makes the best combination of five cards which includes the pockets and the community cards.

2. Seven Card Stud – This version begins with each player being dealt with three cards. Out of them, two are face down and one is face up. The betting takes place from the player who has the lowest face up card. The betting continues after each card is dealt. The fourth, fifth and sixth cards are face up while the seventh card is face down. The player that gets the best combination of 5 cards is winner.

3. Omaha- It is quite similar to Texas Hold’em with the only variation that each player is dealt with four pockets instead of two and the remaining five community cards are revealed at once.

The above three are the most played and known varieties of the game. But there are a lot other types of the game.
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