What are the characterstics and disadvantages of ITIL framework?

itil framework is a process in which an action is taken to manage the complex technology system. Firstly,ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Thiswas firstly established in the year 1980s in the UK. If you want to improve the information technology, then you should follow all the guidelines of the ITIL.

The framework of the ITIL consists of:
• Selection
• Planning
• Delivery
• Support of IT services
What are the characteristics of ITIL Framework?
The following are the main characteristics of ITIL framework, and they are:
• You know that each process and each framework contains a certain level of objectives and each objective is made to have an effective and efficient solution.
• Second characteristics of any framework or the process will give an effective and positive solution. By this process and the framework, the customer will be very much benefited by them.
• Thirdly gives all the satisfaction to the customers need
• Fourthly it also helps to increase the business revenue.
• Fifthly it also helps to improve the time limit and also helps to launch the new product.

You will always notice that if you are planning to establish your business or any IT sector, then you should always need a good planning and all the marketing strategy before establishing it. This framework is a management of the information technology.
What are the disadvantages of ITIL framework?
The following are the disadvantages of this framework, and they are:
Firstly, the ITIL process is very hard to understand, so you have to work hard to understand the concept of the process. This is all about practice if you are good in the IT sector then only you can understand the process. It is always a compulsory task that before starting any ITIL process, you should always ask that if your company needs the process of ITIL or else, you should stop this process because it will give you a negative result.